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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, also reffered to as SEO is getting your business to appear in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for relevant keywords related to your company. For example, if your business is to sell cars then you should be appearing in search engines when people search "cars for sale", "second hand toyota" or "cheap vehicles". These phrases are known as keywords and the more keywords your business has in search engines, the more visitors and buyers you can drive to your website. Thousands of searches are performed in Google everyday related to your products and services which means that if you are not optimized for search engines you are missing out.

How does it work?

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term project which can take from 6 months to one year to complete. This is because search engine optimization experts like oursleves need to improve the ranking of your website so that it gradually rises higher in search engine results. The ideal place to be is the first page of search engine results because 70% of people usually do not go as far as the second or third page. The more keywords for your business you have on the first page of results the more website traffic you will have.

Why Should I have it?

If you have a website, search engine optimization is a neccessary element in getting traffic. Your website alone will of course not automatically get new people and customers. In fact, what your customers ARE doing is searching the web using Google, Yahoo or Bing for the kind of products and services you sell and following the results they get from these search engines. 96% of the online experience usually begins on search engines, which means 96% of the time, your customers are actively searching. By not being on search engines you are missing out on a very significant amount of potential customers and in turn losing sales opportunties.

Why should I choose Code Sage for this?

Search Engine Optimization is of course a specialized process and it always best to check whether someone has actually been able to do it before. This is because you get the good and the bad based on experience. The bad is what is reffered to as Black Hat Search Engine Optimization which are crude techniques used to get search engine rankings. It is usually just a matter of time until such techniques are discovered and the penalities can be as devastating as getting your website blacklisted. Instead, you should rely on an ethical search engine optimization expert, with proven results of success and credibility which is exactly what Code Sage is all about. Not only do we follow best pratice but we have mastered a method of search engine otimization that ensures you get truly competitve search engine results.

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