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Strategic Communication that builds Relationships

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What is PR and Reputation Management?

PR and Reputation Management is a strategic communcication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships. In the offline marketing sense, it is often thought of as a way of solving problems when they erupt. However, in the digital sense it takes on a wider meaning encompassing a proactive strategy to seek out opportunities to build and grow relationships with stakeholders. Considering that over 4,1 million Zimbabweans use the internet, your digital footprint can make a world of difference if done correctly and at the same time create great harm to your brand if done wrong. At the same time, as a defensive strategy, PR and Reputation Management will help you combat negative attention be it online articles, comments etc. If anything it is critical to your online success.

How does it work?

PR and Reputation Management in the online sense comes in on two levels being the proactive and the defensive strategy. As a digital media marekting agency, we will be helping with both with the objective of creating effective communications. We look for some of your most highly engaged groups around the internet and seek to provide mutual communications which is mutually beneficial to your brand. We seek out negative publicity and look for ways in which we can defend your brand using online methods.

Why Should I have it?

We have all been touched by some of the hard hitting headline stories in the newspaper. A scandal in company A or a problem in company B's products for example. Such negative attention can really hurt the brand reuptation of your company and of course sales. Your PR efforts should not be just limited to offline world. With the wide reach and accessibility of online media, your PR efforts should be complemented by an online strategy. But why wait for trouble? PR and Reputation Management will also come in to keep your stakeholders informed, satisfied and highly engaged with your brand with the right online communications strategy. Beyond just customers, this would be relevant for a number of stakeholder groups who have an interest and level of influence over your company.

Why should I choose Code Sage for this?

An online PR and Reputation strategy will lie between using familiar digital media marketing methods and methods more specific for online PR. As an integrated digital media marketing agency, you can rely on our expertise in a wide range of online digital media marketing solutions to get the full benefits of online PR.

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