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pay per click advertising
What is Pay per Click Advertising?

Pay per Click Advertising, which is also known as PPC (and more accurately described as CPM, CPA etc depending on its specific implmentation) is the use of interactive adverts which will appear across the internet. This is not the same thing as placing an advert in an online newspaper or lisitng your company on a classifieds because your adverts on these kind of platforms are restricted to a single website. Instead, your website appears on mulitiple international and local websites much like those we usually see from Japanese car comapnies advertising their vehicles to Zimbabwe. There are basically two types of Pay per Click which are text adverts which appear in search engine results and those that appear as text, pictures or animations across different local and international websites.

How does it work?

Pay per Click Advertising is not random. All Pay per Click adverts are actually geared towards your target audience. Space reserved for a Pay per Click advert on a website will actually show different ads AT THE SAME TIME depending on who is viewing it. Publishers of Pay per Click such as Google and Bing use sophisticated algorithms that track important attributes about users of the internet such as demographics and interests. Pay per Click experts like ourseleves are able to use this to target your appropriate audience. In contrast to traditional advertising, this makes Pay per Click incredibly more effective because it is not just displayed for all to see but specifically aimed at your target audience.

Why Should I have it?

First of all, Pay per Click is more cost-effective than traditional advertising. Not only does it appear specifically aimed at your target audience but you only get charged when your target audience actually clicks or is engaged by your advert (in a CPC implementation). Furthermore, you can set a maximum budget you are willing to spend and get a rough idea of how many sales you are likely to make. Traditional advertising does not offer you the same leisure in gaining a fair estimation of your success or how successful everything was in the end. With Pay per Click everything is 100% measurable making it the method of choice for smart marketing executives wishing to justify their budgetary spend.

Why should I choose Code Sage for this?

Code Sage Technology is fully qualified in the execution of Pay per Click advertising. Furthermore, since we are an integrated digital media marketing agency, we are able to appropriately sync your Pay per Click advertising with other digital media advertising methods such as Search Engine Optimization so you get the benefit of synergetic results. You can also rely on us for our vast local knowledge which enables us to get your Pay per Click advertising campaign up to maximum profitability in a fairly short period of time.

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