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5 Basic Ways To Protect Your Website From Hackers

Hacking is an issue that's becoming worse worldwide. In this article, we list 5 ways you can protect a website made with PHP from being hacked....

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Send Bulk Emails With Code Sage Mail

Code Sage Mail allows you to send bulk emails from your own online account. It features Facebook integration, website integration and analytics....

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Job Opportunity for Digital Media Executives

A job opportunity has arisen for two digital media executives in our company....

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How to Prevent your Email Marketing from becoming Spam

Email marketing still remains one of the most cost effective online techniques to promote your business. However, with the proliferation of spam, ISPs like Gmail and Yahoo Mail have become smarter in protecting their clients against abuse. We look at how to get your legitimate email around spam filt...

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How a Mobile Compatible Website can Increase Your Sales

Mobile compatibility is almost not an option when its comes to Africa. The vast majority of people using the internet do so with a mobile of some kind. Therefore, optimizing your website to cater for them will not only increase your website visitors but also your conversion rate....

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